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Yoga Bear

29 Aug

After working a challenging morning shift at the restaurant and earning meager tips, wasting $2 on Muni to a bike ride that ended up not happening, and, on top of all that, having really ridiculously bad-looking hair, I was ready to give up on being an adult and cry. But instead, I sucked it up and dished out another $2 for the Muni ride to Yoga to the People. Even though Jiah and I left the the house at 6:45, we still got there barely in time for the start of class at 7:30. There was sparse attendance so I think it gave the instructor an excuse to kick our ass. The San Francisco studio is definitely more intense than the Berkeley one… instead of a serene atmosphere, there’s more of a THIS IS YOGA vibe. My muscles ached, I had sweat stinging my eyes and dripping into my mouth, but it was still kind of awesome.

Today I woke up sore all over but feeling good about myself. And then I ate three mochi chocopies that Lily had brought back from Korea as my reward.



27 Aug

Today I went to Berkeley for my internship and vowed to run when I got back to San Francisco. At around 6:45PM, I changed into my running clothes, double-knotted my laces, ate a Luna Bar with some water, and set out for a 3 mile run before dinner.

A beautiful beginning, but my side started cramping about a half mile in, and no matter how many deep lungfuls of air I drew in, or how many walking breaks I took, it did not go away.

It was super disappointing to have to walk back to the house, especially since I never finished my previous run due to light headedness from lack of food. I realized how behind I am in my training schedule (roughly 3 weeks – blech) and though I could attribute it to numerous visiting friends or two new jobs, I really could’ve fit in the time for everything if I had been more diligent. The whole point of signing up for the U.S. Half was for it to be an exercise in self-discipline, but I’m slowly realizing that I don’t have much of it.

So. Here’s to a new push in training. I’m not even sure if I can catch up at this point, but I already paid the registration fee so THERE IS NO WAY I WILL GIVE UP (also for moral reasons obv.)

As far as side stitches go, I’m abandoning the “breathe deeply” approach because it’s really not working for me. One site recommended landing on the left foot during each exhale, others said to stretch more, Devin said to drink more water. I think the main thing might be to just do more cross-training and get back into yoga.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to find a new bike route to a BART station so I can start biking to my internship.

Running Sights

19 Aug

Westbound through Golden Gate Park

Outside Lands & 2 Miles

19 Aug

Al Green

Golden Gate Park was temporarily overtaken over the weekend by Al Green and Outside Lands so I went biking instead.

I wanted to try biking to the nearest BART station so I could potentially save $4 on my twice-a-week commute to Berkeley. Van Ness is located a mere 5 miles away from my house, but unfortunately the maps I used did not include changes in elevation. I tried out this SF Bike Map and rode through the Panhandle, which was actually a beautiful ride. The problem arose when I got to Oak Street, one of the hilliest and busiest streets in SF with nary a bike lane in sight. Zooming down a hill with my coat tails hitting parked cars on my right and moving cars on my left was traumatic. To top things off, I had only looked up directions TO the station, which took me down a series of one-way streets I couldn’t go home on. I ended up calling my housemate Jiah for directions and riding up the Mother of All Hills (Fulton Street near Alamo Square) to get back to Outer Sunset. I think next time I’ll try 511’s Bike Mapper and give my calves a break.

Today I tried for 3 miles but my run got cut short since Golden Gate Park was still recovering from Outside Lands and the clean-up crews were everywhere. For one reason or another, the westbound run is always harder for me, maybe because there aren’t as many sights to see along the way. I started getting cramps halfway through but remembered the article I had read and began taking deeper breathes, making sure to flex my stomach every time I inhaled.

When I got home, I cooked up my mom’s ketchup rice & egg dish.

Everything tastes better when my mom makes it.

My mom told me about the egg recall but our local market sells Petaluma Farms so I am thankfully in the clear.

Miles: 2.5

13 Aug

After an unexpected two week break from running, I’m back. I’m also incredibly behind schedule and still feeling a bit congested, but at least I got out of the house.

Yesterday, I bumped into my housemate Devin as he was on his way back from a run from the beach. When I commented on the fact that he had run a really long distance, he said, “It’s easy when you’re listening to Harry Potter.”

Taking a cue from him, I took the only thing resembling a narrative that I had and listened to This American Life on my run. It was a recent episode called “Promised Land” and started with Ira Glass singing a Disney-esque song to kick off the show… very interesting. I don’t know if it pushed me to run any further, but “Listen to This American Life” is one of those things that perpetually remain on my to-do list without actually getting done, so I’m glad that I found a way to multi-task.

Ira is a fox.

Miles: 3

3 Aug

I was supposed to go on my run with a housemate, but it ended up not happening once I found out that his wake-up time on weekends is usually around 2PM.

This time, I went west and headed towards the beach. The roads were pretty much deserted save for a few other runners and a horse. Despite taking deep breathes to prevent side cramps, I still got struck down by abdominal cramps and had to take a break at the halfway point by Spreckles Lake. The day was overcast as always and a few people were floating their miniature boats on the water. After resting for 5 minutes, I felt a lot better and was able to finish the run back home. Upping my distance by a mile didn’t turn out to be that big of a big deal so I’m not too anxious about pushing myself a bit further.

I’ve been trying to be healthier about what I eat, but I happen to live with a enthusiastic cook so this is what I had for lunch.

Baked macaroni with smoked gouda & monterey jack and stewed tomatoes

I think I’m coming down with something so I’m putting off my next 3 miles until I feel better. Also, my housemate Daniella was the one who came up with this blog’s new name. We were originally planning to go with Kilometers Davis but decided that unless I only listened to jazz on my runs or the marathon was actually taking place in Davis, it was a tenuous link.