Miles: 2.5

13 Aug

After an unexpected two week break from running, I’m back. I’m also incredibly behind schedule and still feeling a bit congested, but at least I got out of the house.

Yesterday, I bumped into my housemate Devin as he was on his way back from a run from the beach. When I commented on the fact that he had run a really long distance, he said, “It’s easy when you’re listening to Harry Potter.”

Taking a cue from him, I took the only thing resembling a narrative that I had and listened to This American Life on my run. It was a recent episode called “Promised Land” and started with Ira Glass singing a Disney-esque song to kick off the show… very interesting. I don’t know if it pushed me to run any further, but “Listen to This American Life” is one of those things that perpetually remain on my to-do list without actually getting done, so I’m glad that I found a way to multi-task.

Ira is a fox.


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