Outside Lands & 2 Miles

19 Aug

Al Green

Golden Gate Park was temporarily overtaken over the weekend by Al Green and Outside Lands so I went biking instead.

I wanted to try biking to the nearest BART station so I could potentially save $4 on my twice-a-week commute to Berkeley. Van Ness is located a mere 5 miles away from my house, but unfortunately the maps I used did not include changes in elevation. I tried out this SF Bike Map and rode through the Panhandle, which was actually a beautiful ride. The problem arose when I got to Oak Street, one of the hilliest and busiest streets in SF with nary a bike lane in sight. Zooming down a hill with my coat tails hitting parked cars on my right and moving cars on my left was traumatic. To top things off, I had only looked up directions TO the station, which took me down a series of one-way streets I couldn’t go home on. I ended up calling my housemate Jiah for directions and riding up the Mother of All Hills (Fulton Street near Alamo Square) to get back to Outer Sunset. I think next time I’ll try 511’s Bike Mapper and give my calves a break.

Today I tried for 3 miles but my run got cut short since Golden Gate Park was still recovering from Outside Lands and the clean-up crews were everywhere. For one reason or another, the westbound run is always harder for me, maybe because there aren’t as many sights to see along the way. I started getting cramps halfway through but remembered the article I had read and began taking deeper breathes, making sure to flex my stomach every time I inhaled.

When I got home, I cooked up my mom’s ketchup rice & egg dish.

Everything tastes better when my mom makes it.

My mom told me about the egg recall but our local market sells Petaluma Farms so I am thankfully in the clear.


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