Yoga Bear

29 Aug

After working a challenging morning shift at the restaurant and earning meager tips, wasting $2 on Muni to a bike ride that ended up not happening, and, on top of all that, having really ridiculously bad-looking hair, I was ready to give up on being an adult and cry. But instead, I sucked it up and dished out another $2 for the Muni ride to Yoga to the People. Even though Jiah and I left the the house at 6:45, we still got there barely in time for the start of class at 7:30. There was sparse attendance so I think it gave the instructor an excuse to kick our ass. The San Francisco studio is definitely more intense than the Berkeley one… instead of a serene atmosphere, there’s more of a THIS IS YOGA vibe. My muscles ached, I had sweat stinging my eyes and dripping into my mouth, but it was still kind of awesome.

Today I woke up sore all over but feeling good about myself. And then I ate three mochi chocopies that Lily had brought back from Korea as my reward.


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