3 Miles & THE WIGGLE

1 Sep

1) 3 miles! done and done!

2) My friend recently gave me the scoop on THE WIGGLE. Apparently, there exists a path that bypasses the monstrous hills of my neighborhood and shuttles you safely to Downtown. Sweet! There are usually a lot of other people using it, it is painted green on some parts, and there is even a protected left turn, so I feel safe going on it.

The first day after I learned about the Wiggle, Lily and I used it to get back from a visit to Paulette in Hayes Valley [after I got us lost a few times, naturally]. The second day, I decided to commute to the BART station for work. The third day, we rode all the way to Mission and got some yummy burritos and a Brooklyn egg cream.

And then I was ready to take a break from the Wiggle. I have yet to return to it, but I’m planning on commuting at least a few more times while it’s still moderately nice outside.


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