4 miles & the Golden Gate Bridge

8 Sep

Ran to Spreckels Lake again, but instead of stopped at the south side, I went all of the way around. It was getting dark, the fog was rolling in, and apparently there’s a turtle sculpture sticking out of the middle of the lake that scared the bejesus out of me. I am never going on a run that late again… trapped in Golden Gate Park after sunset? No thanks. It pretty much turns into the Forbidden Forest.

On Labor Day, we got up bright and early for a bike ride to Sausalito.

It was only about 10 miles and the ride there, save for a major hill in the Presidio, was beautiful. We made it to our destination in about an hour. The best part was that I finally got to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge!

Lily on her bike.

When we got to Marin, it was way warmer. There are a lot of beautiful houses there, and the waterfront is filled with cute little shops. We stopped for a cup of coffee and Peter got some bomb guava cheesecake ice cream from a Hawaiian ice cream parlor.

Our ride TO Sausalito was lovely, and on our way back we definitely paid for it. It was allllll uphill until we hit the Golden Gate – I probably would’ve made it there faster on foot. Plus, I’d stupidly decided to wear hi-tops, which were chafing against my skin and giving me a blister.

At least the view was worth it.

One hellish ride later, we made it back home. Even though I did nearly fall over in the shower afterwards, my legs muscles were surprisingly not too sore the next day. I’m super glad I did it, but I think I’ll wait a while before a repeat performance.


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