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4 miles & the Golden Gate Bridge

8 Sep

Ran to Spreckels Lake again, but instead of stopped at the south side, I went all of the way around. It was getting dark, the fog was rolling in, and apparently there’s a turtle sculpture sticking out of the middle of the lake that scared the bejesus out of me. I am never going on a run that late again… trapped in Golden Gate Park after sunset? No thanks. It pretty much turns into the Forbidden Forest.

On Labor Day, we got up bright and early for a bike ride to Sausalito.

It was only about 10 miles and the ride there, save for a major hill in the Presidio, was beautiful. We made it to our destination in about an hour. The best part was that I finally got to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge!

Lily on her bike.

When we got to Marin, it was way warmer. There are a lot of beautiful houses there, and the waterfront is filled with cute little shops. We stopped for a cup of coffee and Peter got some bomb guava cheesecake ice cream from a Hawaiian ice cream parlor.

Our ride TO Sausalito was lovely, and on our way back we definitely paid for it. It was allllll uphill until we hit the Golden Gate – I probably would’ve made it there faster on foot. Plus, I’d stupidly decided to wear hi-tops, which were chafing against my skin and giving me a blister.

At least the view was worth it.

One hellish ride later, we made it back home. Even though I did nearly fall over in the shower afterwards, my legs muscles were surprisingly not too sore the next day. I’m super glad I did it, but I think I’ll wait a while before a repeat performance.


3 Miles & THE WIGGLE

1 Sep

1) 3 miles! done and done!

2) My friend recently gave me the scoop on THE WIGGLE. Apparently, there exists a path that bypasses the monstrous hills of my neighborhood and shuttles you safely to Downtown. Sweet! There are usually a lot of other people using it, it is painted green on some parts, and there is even a protected left turn, so I feel safe going on it.

The first day after I learned about the Wiggle, Lily and I used it to get back from a visit to Paulette in Hayes Valley [after I got us lost a few times, naturally]. The second day, I decided to commute to the BART station for work. The third day, we rode all the way to Mission and got some yummy burritos and a Brooklyn egg cream.

And then I was ready to take a break from the Wiggle. I have yet to return to it, but I’m planning on commuting at least a few more times while it’s still moderately nice outside.

Yoga Bear

29 Aug

After working a challenging morning shift at the restaurant and earning meager tips, wasting $2 on Muni to a bike ride that ended up not happening, and, on top of all that, having really ridiculously bad-looking hair, I was ready to give up on being an adult and cry. But instead, I sucked it up and dished out another $2 for the Muni ride to Yoga to the People. Even though Jiah and I left the the house at 6:45, we still got there barely in time for the start of class at 7:30. There was sparse attendance so I think it gave the instructor an excuse to kick our ass. The San Francisco studio is definitely more intense than the Berkeley one… instead of a serene atmosphere, there’s more of a THIS IS YOGA vibe. My muscles ached, I had sweat stinging my eyes and dripping into my mouth, but it was still kind of awesome.

Today I woke up sore all over but feeling good about myself. And then I ate three mochi chocopies that Lily had brought back from Korea as my reward.

Outside Lands & 2 Miles

19 Aug

Al Green

Golden Gate Park was temporarily overtaken over the weekend by Al Green and Outside Lands so I went biking instead.

I wanted to try biking to the nearest BART station so I could potentially save $4 on my twice-a-week commute to Berkeley. Van Ness is located a mere 5 miles away from my house, but unfortunately the maps I used did not include changes in elevation. I tried out this SF Bike Map and rode through the Panhandle, which was actually a beautiful ride. The problem arose when I got to Oak Street, one of the hilliest and busiest streets in SF with nary a bike lane in sight. Zooming down a hill with my coat tails hitting parked cars on my right and moving cars on my left was traumatic. To top things off, I had only looked up directions TO the station, which took me down a series of one-way streets I couldn’t go home on. I ended up calling my housemate Jiah for directions and riding up the Mother of All Hills (Fulton Street near Alamo Square) to get back to Outer Sunset. I think next time I’ll try 511’s Bike Mapper and give my calves a break.

Today I tried for 3 miles but my run got cut short since Golden Gate Park was still recovering from Outside Lands and the clean-up crews were everywhere. For one reason or another, the westbound run is always harder for me, maybe because there aren’t as many sights to see along the way. I started getting cramps halfway through but remembered the article I had read and began taking deeper breathes, making sure to flex my stomach every time I inhaled.

When I got home, I cooked up my mom’s ketchup rice & egg dish.

Everything tastes better when my mom makes it.

My mom told me about the egg recall but our local market sells Petaluma Farms so I am thankfully in the clear.

Yoga to the People

28 Jul

Tonight!: class at Yoga to the People in San Francisco.

I’m a newcomer to yoga so I don’t know much about the different types, but the kind YTTP teaches (Power Vinyasa flow) gives my muscles a good workout. Plus, I am not the most elastic person, so I like that it requires more strength than stretchiness. The studio is located in the Mission and it took us about 45 minutes to get there – Outer Sunset really is like the suburbs of SF. Luckily, the studio space is huge so we didn’t have to show up too early in order to get a good spot.

Next week I’m going to another Vinyasa yoga class at Yoga Tree on Stanyan. At $11/class, it definitely doesn’t beat YTTP’s “suggested donation” rate, but I’ll see how I like it.