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New Home!

27 Sep

I have moved my site to Blogger since WordPress doesn’t allow domain mapping.

new link:

see you there!



27 Aug

Today I went to Berkeley for my internship and vowed to run when I got back to San Francisco. At around 6:45PM, I changed into my running clothes, double-knotted my laces, ate a Luna Bar with some water, and set out for a 3 mile run before dinner.

A beautiful beginning, but my side started cramping about a half mile in, and no matter how many deep lungfuls of air I drew in, or how many walking breaks I took, it did not go away.

It was super disappointing to have to walk back to the house, especially since I never finished my previous run due to light headedness from lack of food. I realized how behind I am in my training schedule (roughly 3 weeks – blech) and though I could attribute it to numerous visiting friends or two new jobs, I really could’ve fit in the time for everything if I had been more diligent. The whole point of signing up for the U.S. Half was for it to be an exercise in self-discipline, but I’m slowly realizing that I don’t have much of it.

So. Here’s to a new push in training. I’m not even sure if I can catch up at this point, but I already paid the registration fee so THERE IS NO WAY I WILL GIVE UP (also for moral reasons obv.)

As far as side stitches go, I’m abandoning the “breathe deeply” approach because it’s really not working for me. One site recommended landing on the left foot during each exhale, others said to stretch more, Devin said to drink more water. I think the main thing might be to just do more cross-training and get back into yoga.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to find a new bike route to a BART station so I can start biking to my internship.