Miles: 2

29 Jul

I was trying to shoot for 2.5 miles today but my side started cramping on the way back so I ended up cutting my run short. The day was unexpectedly sunny and warm so I was dying in my long-sleeves and pants. I kept to the museum course I ran two days ago with a minor detour to Stow Lake, where there were people paddling around in the lake boats; definitely something to consider for cross training…

Afterwards I went straight to the market to pick up some fruit. I’d kept my money in the little zippy pocket at the back of my pants, so it was gross and damp when I pulled it out to hand over to the cashier. Never again.

shopping by color

I’d read somewhere that it’s important to eat right after a run to gain back energy, so I had a brunch of 1 egg, a nectarine w/ vanilla yogurt, bread w/ jam & honey, and a cuppa Earl Grey.

After a jaunt to Ocean Beach, I came home and iced my knees while watching Friends.

My next planned run is this Sunday for 3 miles. The last time I ran that long of a distance was for a 5K around the UC Berkeley campus, and I barely made it out alive. We’ll see how I do!


Yoga to the People

28 Jul

Tonight!: class at Yoga to the People in San Francisco.

I’m a newcomer to yoga so I don’t know much about the different types, but the kind YTTP teaches (Power Vinyasa flow) gives my muscles a good workout. Plus, I am not the most elastic person, so I like that it requires more strength than stretchiness. The studio is located in the Mission and it took us about 45 minutes to get there – Outer Sunset really is like the suburbs of SF. Luckily, the studio space is huge so we didn’t have to show up too early in order to get a good spot.

Next week I’m going to another Vinyasa yoga class at Yoga Tree on Stanyan. At $11/class, it definitely doesn’t beat YTTP’s “suggested donation” rate, but I’ll see how I like it.

Miles: 2

26 Jul

Miles ran: 2

Since the training schedule I’m following is tailored for 12 weeks and I have 14 before Nov. 7, I decided to start running this week to get back into shape.

The goods:

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9

I bought these at Transports in Berkeley. Really good service… the saleslady asked me to walk across the length of the store barefoot and then told me that these shoes would be good for me since I have a relatively low arch and need more stability. They’re very lightweight and have been kind to my feet so far.

Today I left the house at 10AM and ran to the Academy of Sciences/De Young and back. The weather was gloomy as always and I had to wear long pants plus a sweater since it was only about 50 degrees. The park was full of families and tourists; thank goodness there weren’t that many other joggers to share the road with due to it being a Monday. The pedestrian path to the Academy is asphalt, but my left knee started to feel sore after the first mile – I’m not sure if it has something to do with my dark bass drum-carrying past in my high school’s drumline.

I felt pretty good after the run and not too after breath. For breakfast I made myself a green smoothie with:

2 celery stalks
1/2 lime

I thought the ginger would salvage the whole thing but it still tasted decidedly not-yummy. Next time I’ll probably add more fruits to make it sweeter.

Later tonight I’m going to Yoga to the People with my housemates. It’ll be my first time at the San Francisco studio, I hope I like it as much as Berkeley’s.